Made with love

For every piece of work I do, every stationery set completed or word picture framed, I always make it known that the product was truly made with love and care with handmade touches. There are more benefits than just having your stationery or picture personalised or designed bespoke – with our level of service each piece is hand finished and perfected. That belly band fastened with a silver metallic sticker or scalloped edged initial tag tied with twine is that touch that sets us apart from high-street stationery; it’s made in the UK, supports local businesses, looks beautiful, it’s kooky, unique and a true one-off… and it doesn’t even have to break budget!

At Polly Pickle HQ there isn’t a basement of minions (…although there is a cuddly beagle and tea-making husband!), so you’ll often find me finishing off my orders – every little card one by one! I thought it would be fun to share a snippet of the time that goes in to perfecting the craft of top notch stationery so I created a little time lapse film to share with you;

I have a lot of respect for the local craft industries and the creative people determined to do what they’re good at and what they enjoy – especially in a world of mass production. Why have bland off the shelf when you can be unique?